Ivan Gechev

Software Developer
Sandberg Translation Partners

I'm passionate developer from Bulgaria, currently working as Business Management Systems Developer at Sandberg Translation Partners. As part of my work, I focus on task automation with Azure WebJobs using mainly C# as well as development and maintenance of our internal business management system using a healthy mix of Visual Basic and C#.

Since January 2023, I'm also freelancing as a .NET Technical Writer where I write about key features and concepts of C# as well as articles covering different open-source libraries.

My passion lies in backend development and I think this is where I excel the most. I also have extensive experience with SQL Server, and interacting with databases both directly (using SQL), or through code (relying mostly on Entity Framework).

Languages and Tools:


Testing Libraries:

Fluent AssertionsBogusMOQAutoFixture

Things I'm planning to learn: